Amplify Your Instincts

MAXTM Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) offer sophisticated investors efficient, tactical leveraged exposure to market sectors in order to manage risk and enhance returns (and may also enhance losses). The ETNs are designed to provide investors with access to the returns of an index or strategy, less any investor fees and charges.

  • Leverage

    Seeking leverage to enhance gains (and which will also amplify losses), that resets on a daily basis

  • Efficient

    An efficient and convenient way to obtain a leveraged investment with a single product

  • Tactical

    Daily trading tool for sophisticated investors

  • Exposure

    Offering exposure to various sectors and themes

How to buy

MAXTM ETNs can be purchased on most trading platforms during normal trading hours, just like many other public securities. Simply search for the ticker symbol of the MAXTM product you want to buy and follow the instructions to place an order. Alternatively, you can contact your financial advisor or broker account representative. Please note, your advisor or broker may charge commissions or other transaction fees.

Keep in mind that ETNs are complex financial products and you should thoroughly research and understand the risks before buying them. You may also want to consider consulting a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.